A Galician truck with tipper, the toy to which every Cuban child aspired

For these days, a three decades ago, the stores of the towns of Cuba were filled with toys. In its eagerness to change all things of place, the revolution had removed Kings’ Day for July, so that it coincided with the celebration of its most important dates.

Following the precepts of egalitarianism, each child corresponded to three toys: basic, not basic and directed. In 75 or 76 (we were in 3rd or 4th grade), I finally reached a Galician truck. I spent two hours looking at him, doing nothing with him.

In the Camarones Paradero, a Galician truck of turning – or dump – was the best toy that could aspire. The Chiqui had one that got to load tons of mud from the ditch of his house. When mine added to the works, we completely rebuilt that waterway, Essential in the drainage during storms.

In Nuevo in this square , the film of Palomo Linares , a Galician truck comes out. It is in the famous scene of Las Ventas, when the guardian warns that the bullfighter’s apprentice has slipped into the ring and has to throw him out. The truck was white, like mine and my friend’s.

That is why, when Palomo Linares said his famous phrase (“I swear that someday I will enter through this door without entrance, and when I pass you will remove the cap”), El Chiqui and I were still talking about our trucks and we compared it with that one , Destined to the load of fighting bulls.

Just trucks toys is best in front of all toys, I returned with a Galician truck (which is the Cuban name of Pegaso Comet). Although it must have been more than 30 years, its engine sounded perfect. It kept intact the rattle we played with our mouths when we dragged ours.

What they see there is not a truck, it is an object of worship. If they had been with me and with the Chiqui, in that ditch, with the mud to the knees, they would know what I say.

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