Bargain Beds

A bargain beds  is one where the core, usually spring or foam, has been replaced by a compact latex core. The amount of natural latex in the beds is variable, usually between 20% and 97% of the composition. The rest is usually synthetic latex foam.

The latex in bargain beds has great elasticity and allows the generation of different areas of firmness through perforations of the block.

The main features of a bargain beds are:

  • High adaptability
  • High elasticity
  • Reduction of pressure points

Natural Latex

A bargain beds can be considered natural if in its composition it has more than 85% of natural latex.

The adaptation of this material is very high. The different perforations in the nucleus (up to seven zones), allow to adapt to the different parts of the body. It also has a lower firmness than springs or viscoelastic material. It is more comfortable the movement in this beds than in a viscoelastic, being also less firm than one of springs. However, it does not reach the level of adaptation to the body that achieves a viscoelastic material.

On the other hand, with a suitable density (between 60 and 80 kg./m3), it is a material that supports very well the passage of time, maintaining almost intact its characteristics during a period of ten years.

Its main drawback is produced by being natural. Firstly because it is contraindicated for people with allergy to latex, second because their level of breathability is low and being natural is a material that can cause the appearance of mold.

For this reason, it is a beds that requires more care and maintenance than the rest. Its daily ventilation is essential, as well as the quarterly turn of the same.

 Synthetic latex

It is produced using petroleum derivatives, although in its composition may have a small proportion of natural latex. Its adaptability is somewhat inferior and is usually firmer. Unlike the natural latex, the fact of being synthetic makes it possible to use people allergic to latex.

Although its characteristics are somewhat inferior to the natural latex, it avoids another series of problems. As an advantage we can also emphasize that the price is lower, another incentive if we consider that we continue talking good quality.

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