Diet Doctor Simeons Fast Weight Loss With The Help Of Bio Additives

Drops of HCG diets of Simeons Many people today want to quickly lose weight by 10 , 15, or even all 30 kilograms. This is very important for health, so as not to get sick with the diseases of the century – diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and other ailments. These diseases shorten life and make it a burden to yourself and others. In addition, we all want to look 10-20 years younger, slender and attractive.

But to lose weight, and even fast for so many kilograms, not everyone can. Usually it’s about months, if not years of strict regime – diet, exercise and calorie counting. And who does not know the frustrated feelings when we stand on the scales, and instead of long-awaited descent after all the ordeals in the gym, and the refusal of an extra piece of cake, the weight not only did not come down, but also rose. Yearning, and only.

And now imagine a process that in 40 days, like a Swiss watch, guarantees a quick weight loss of 12 to 15 kilograms on average, without hunger, without sports and without any risk to health. And all this is due to the ingenious discovery of the most basic cause of heightened weight and its effective elimination. It sounds tempting, does not it? I cannot even believe it, right?

Diet Doctor Well, when it comes to a private clinical study that has been conducted for 40 years to identify the real causes of obesity and excess weight, everything becomes clear. It was this research that opened and further polished the process of fast weight loss – the diet of  doctor which he developed in the middle of the last century in his private clinic for high-ranking clients in Rome.

He found and clinically proved the presence of interference in the mechanisms of metabolism, which cause the body to put most of the food aside as fat stores for a rainy day. And it’s these stocks that the body guards and does not want to let go, no matter how much you starve or burn calories on the treadmill. This also explains why the fat people, in fact, are starving, and not overeating – because the body is not able to process food into energy in this state.

Diet HCG – Package in the Russian Language And what is the discovery of Doctor .In the role of a substance that secrete the placenta of a pregnant woman. This substance, the name to which HCG or HCG, in fact, has very deep evolutionary roots, and it can be found, both in more primitive animals, such as lizards, and in the algae, famous for its beneficial properties.

And what does this substance do? No, it does not split fat itself! It tells the body that it’s time to use the fat stored in reserve for normal living. For pregnant women, it is important that the developing baby always has food in the mother’s blood.

Drops of HCG Before and the Ambassador – Alexander Shtern Dr. Simeons found that due to the presence of HCG or hCG in the body, it is capable of splitting from 1500 to 4000 calories a day. Now it also becomes clear the need to significantly reduce a person’s diet so as not to interfere with burning body fat. Therefore, the diet was developed by Dr. Symeons of 500 calories, which not only does not prevent burning fat, but also helps the body do it.

The funniest thing is that a person does not even always eat for all 500 calories, since he feels full of fat burning body. After all, it’s enough about 2000 calories to live comfortably.

Drops of hCG Before and Ambassador – Anat SternIn addition, this process, which perfectly occurs both in the body of women and men, is completely natural, and not harmful to health. After all, only the fat that has not been used by the body is burnt and was the subject of hatred and frustration for most people looking in the mirror every morning or feeling short of breath when climbing one flight.

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