Everything You Need To Know About Boyfriend’s Outfits If You Get Married In 2017

We already know that if we want to look perfect on our wedding day. The choice of your boyfriend jack victor sport coat and accessories will be the key to success! Trends change every season and what was worth yesterday, may not be worth today … So forget all that list of weddings you attended last year and begin to build from scratch the pillars of the election of the perfect boyfriend suit for 2017 .

It bets on the details that subtract seriousness and contribute style

Details of color in the lapels and pockets, geometric and floral prints, colors that break with canons, pants that tighten at the ankle … The boyfriend of 2017 is daring at first.

Every day you are more fashion expert in your daily life and that should also be noticed on the day of your wedding! Now the couple shines together and the groom should look as much as the bride does. After all, this is a day when you celebrate your union with the world.

And speaking of being fashionable What is more trendy than knowing how to use accessories and accessories well? Exactly: Nothing. Embroidered shirts, suspenders, hats, chain watches … Everything but go wrong combined or go unnoticed.

The trio as protagonist

We have already said in previous articles, but it is certainly the trend of the season. This year, the boyfriend’s outfits are 3 pieces. Record it well in your mind, the secret of success is: pants, jacket and vest. And since we wear, better if the vest is short enough not to fall below the belt line (well, taking care of the detail).

Aristocrat’s airs

This is the other trend of the season. They carry the designs that evoke splendid times and aristocratic airs, hence the stamping and fleeing of recataces. This season the groom looks like no other. Smokines in the British style, bow tie and noble colors … You will be dazzled!

Antoinette Costume – Groom 2017Emerald green is the new black

It is not that I have banished classic colors and daring tones of other seasons (we will still see a lot of burgundy and reds), but if a boyfriend wants to trend this year, this is his color.

It can be used in both the monochrome combination (jacket + pants) as well as in the stylish combination of black pants and colored jacket to put the contrast stitch.

If the fabric is also velvet, all fashion gurus will surrender before your feet.

Cut with emphasis on the waist

We have already said that the vests should be rather short and in the same line will the jackets, which must be tight and use the cut to emphasize the waist.

And that’s all for today! Soon we will bring more advice and if you can not wait … Do not hesitate to come and see us.

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