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We will send you a Cash Welcome Bonus of $30 after you subscribe: You will receive a $30 Cash Welcome Bonus in your mailed Investment-Success Newsletters.  We will include $10 cash in the first three mailed Newsletters.

 We are sure that these will be a value to you and will help you achieve Solid, Secure, Proven returns, gains and income. You will have High Returns and Income with Ultimate Protection Immediately that Will Keep On Coming.

The Investing for Higher Returns and Income Course Included Free to Subscribers: I couldn’t help it!  I am a professor now and teach investing and analytical methods at the university level.  I love to teach and want you have the information in a way you will understand it and be able to use it.  I developed this Course “Investing for Higher Returns and Income” just for the Investment Success Subscribers. This Investing for Higher Returns and Income Course will give you the information you want and in a way you will understand about investing.  

You will learn what you need to know about investments and investing.  This will not have techno-speak or confusing market lingo in the course. Each Course Part will cover one topic and will also give you examples and things you can do with what is covered. The Course Content will be packed full, but the delivery and materials will be quick to learn and easy to use. You will understand investing for higher returns and income at a higher level than nearly everyone else.  I look forward to being your teacher and I will help you to become one of the top informed investors. Subscribe Now and Start Getting Higher Returns and Income and always be covered by the 100% Ultimate Protection Plan. I know that You want to be one of the limited number of people who get in on this.  Once it is closed the only way to subscribe will be to put your name on a waiting list.  It only costs $29.95 to subscribe and we will send you a Welcome Bonus of $30, so what’s the risk. Click the Instant Access button and get started immediately with Higher Returns and Income.

I know you have some questions, and I want to answer them for you. However, let me ask you a question first: Here’s An Important Question that You Need to Answer.  Have your investments and savings at least doubled or tripled in the last 6 years?  If they haven’t you have LOST MONEY!  I can’t say it clearer.

Are you settling for low or no returns on your savings and investments?

With the CATS system in the Investment-Success Newsletter you would have over 4 Times more today than you had 6 years ago with Ultimate Protection against principle loss.  These are documented – Proven Returns.  Check out the actual trades and returns on the “CATS Explained” Tab above.

Your First Big Question and My Answer: Who Should Use the Investment Success Newsletter? Too many people today are settling for low or no returns on their savings and investments.  Others are stuck in annuities or fixed interest accounts that hold them captive while the banks, funds, investment companies, brokerage firms and insurance companies are making fortunes.  This just isn’t right. Look at the biggest, fanciest buildings and who owns them.

That’s right – the same list of companies getting rich with your money.  It’s not you or the public.  It is literally legal financial rape and you can’t do anything about it – until now. Look at your savings and investments for the last 3 or 6 years.  Here are the returns you should have had during that time. In the last 3 years your savings and investments should have doubled. In the last 6 years your savings and investments should be 4 times larger than they started. These returns can be and have been achieved consistently and with ultimate protection against loss of principle. If you are still working and investing for your future, start as soon as you can with Investment-Success and use the CATS trading directions.  Your financial future depends on it. If you are retired it is super important that you start now with Investment-Success.  You don’t want to run out of money or have to live like the poor starving student we once were.

With Investment-Success you can have the retirement income you have dreamed of and need.  With Investment Success you are Always covered by the 100% Reimbursement plan.  So you can have the high, proven and consistent returns that will give you more income while you have peace of mind because you have the ultimate protection. Anyone with over $10,000 who wants and needs high, consistent returns, gain and income on their savings and investments will benefit greatly from the Investment-Success Newsletter.  

Whether you are still working and accumulating money for later or are retired and need dependable income now. You don’t need to know anything about investing to use the Investment-Success Newsletter to your advantage.  Start making dependable high returns and income with ultimate protection from loss of your principle.

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