Improve AdSense Account CTR

Having AdSense account is a free and easy way to earn revenue by placing ads on your website.

Ad Isolation : The ads should be well separated from the links that lead to other contents of our blog. In this regard, we must avoid placing advertisements near menus, categories or links of any other type that do not generate profit .

The reason is that if the ads are close to these other links there will be a percentage of users who will click on them instead of our AdSense block and that situation will mean the loss of a good part of clicks, decreasing our CTR. Unless we choose to integrate AdSense ads within the text of the articles (in which case it’s best not to stack them),

Mix formats : At this point we must talk about the so-called “user blindness”. Due to the increasing implantation of Internet and the constant familiarization of the visitors with this means, the users have to obviate, unconsciously, the publicity. This is because users are very accustomed to seeing advertising, they then detect it on a website and flee from it, in addition there are very characteristic formats that can be seen in many websites such as 460 × 90 and 250 × 250, so the Users identify them immediately.

We must mix formats, colors, switch between text ads and image ads, Change the layout of the ads in the different pages of the site … this way we will not give users more facilities than they already have to identify the ads and we will see that our CTR increases. Otherwise a user who enters our page and sees an ad will retain the format of the same and when you change pages or return to the site another day and you will know where the advertising is and what colors it is. We must be creative in this to counteract the “blindness of users” .

Here are some key tips for achieving high CTRs on our sites, there are other important things to increase AdSense CTR , such as the relevance of ads or the type of visitors, but that will be discussed in future articles in this monographic series, so For the moment we leave it here. Try all these things and tell us how you’ve gone, you’ll see how to move from poor CTR levels (1% to 4%) to a really acceptable or good CTR (7% – 15%) is not that difficult.

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