Is There a Limit on the Number of Subscribers and Is It Real?

I wanted to go over this with you personally because it is so important.  Yes, there has to be a limit on the number of subscribers.  This is extremely important to us and to you as a subscriber. Here’s why. We can’t have too many people following the same trading directions.  If we allow too many people to follow the trading directions then all together we will move the markets against us.  

We will be defeating our own gains by making the market move in the opposite direction than it normally would go.  We all need these CATS trading directions to continue to work and the only way to do that is to limit the total amount of money that goes in and out of the selected stocks at the same time. We use the same CATS trading direction that you will be using.

We get the trading directions from the CATS computers about 2 hours after the markets close.  We then turn right around and send them directly to you in your Daily CATS Report.  We rely on the CATS trading directions to continue to work for us just like you will as an Investment-Success Newsletter subscriber. What this limit is will depend on how much money each subscriber is moving in and out of the market in response to the CATS trading directions.  

We will monitor the market and notify everyone when the door is starting to close on new subscribers.  When the maximum number of subscribers is reached no new subscribers can be allowed to join and we will make a waiting list. The important thing is that you need to get your subscription and let your friends and family get theirs while they are available.

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