NetWorth, the parent company and sponsor, knows that you will not lose any of your investment principle when you follow the CATS trading directions.  If you follow the CATS trading directions and have a principle loss over any three year period Net Worth will 100% Reimburse you for:

The loss of your investment principle. All subscription fees you have paid The 100% Reimbursement Protection Plan is just that simple and straight forward.  The specifics are covered in the Newsletter Subscription Agreement which binds the Net Worth Investment Research Company.

Here’s how it works.  Follow the CATS trade directions in your investments.  If you have a loss of your principle over any 3 year period that loss of principle will be 100% reimbursed by our parent company Net Worth Investment Research Company.  Plus, if this happens you will also be reimbursed 100% of your subscriptions fees that you have paid. It is just that simple. Of course any loss you suffer on your own and not following the CATS trading directions can’t be reimbursed.  However, we are completely confident that you will not lose your principle if you follow the CATS trading directions.

Here’s an example:  If you start off with $100,000, that is your investment principle amount.  If you follow the CATS trading directions and have less than the $100,000 at the end of 3 years, that loss will be 100% reimbursed to you plus you will be 100% reimbursed all of your subscription fees. There is no guarantee that the future returns will be the same as they were in the past.

However, the CATS trading directions have been successful and have continued to be very dependable. The great news is that if you had invested $100,000 at the beginning of 2010 and followed the Protective CATS trading directions your account would have grown to $223,388 by the end of 2012 in just 3 years. We want you to always know that you have Ultimate Protection from loss of your investment principle while you are following the CATS trading directions in the Investment Success Newsletter. You will be able to realize high returns at the same time you are free from worry and risk.

Become a Subscriber to the Investment-Success Newsletter: I’m going to give you an opportunity to become a subscriber after I answer each of the questions.  You don’t have to wait until the end – Just make sure you get in!  You can always see these questions and answers here or on your Subscriber – Member Website. We will send you a cash Welcome Bonus of $30 with your mailed Investment Success Newsletters.  This is a No-Risk opportunity that will make you seriously financially successful. You will also receive the four free special reports that are worth more than your subscription cost.

I look forward to hearing about your solid, higher and consistent returns and income. Click the Instant Access button to get started immediately making higher returns and income.  Make sure you are one of the subscribers that will be allowed to subscribe.

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