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The art in the use of the hair dryer

Although we have previously discussed the importance of the pre-styling process we needed to go into detail in what is probably the most powerful And at the same time less valued in the process of combing, the Philips Hairdryer.

You can have the best products, test all the fixers that exist in the market, as well as use industrial quantities of lacquer and volumizers, and we can assure you that you will not get the effect you are looking for until you master the technique with the dryer.

Each hair behaves differently, from thick hair that tends to be pointed, thin with difficulty in gaining volume, others impossible to master to get a look style of magazine seemingly simple … and the list could go on and on.

Every day we see how this difficulty inherent in hair tends to be solved with fixatives and ointments in unnecessary quantities, do not misunderstand, the ointment, paste or wax you use is key to the final result, but its aim is to fix the style, To texture, separate or unite … not to try to tame the indomitable since the only thing you would get is to have to use more and more quantity of product and in many cases the result would not be the one sought.

And this is where the dryer comes into play, because with the correct use you will get the Philips Hairdryer to the position you need to simply finish with the application of some of your favorite fixative.


Special Recopilatorio: Adidas Shoes With Boost

The Boost , developed by adidas taekwondo shoes in collaboration with BASF, is the new cushioning material that has revolutionized the running shoe market because of its many advantages over the classic EVA.

Basically and in summary, Boost’s “capsulitas” have elasticity, breakage resistance and bestial energy return . If we put such a compound in running shoes , which are always receiving impacts, this means that we have small springs that, when they are compressed (when they are chafan in the step) store energy that, once without pressure (when we lift the foot ) Release her, making a career much more fluid. Boost’s energy return is 55%, well below 37% of most EVAs that use the rest of the shoes.

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Everything You Need To Know About Boyfriend’s Outfits If You Get Married In 2017

We already know that if we want to look perfect on our wedding day. The choice of your boyfriend jack victor sport coat and accessories will be the key to success! Trends change every season and what was worth yesterday, may not be worth today … So forget all that list of weddings you attended last year and begin to build from scratch the pillars of the election of the perfect boyfriend suit for 2017 .

It bets on the details that subtract seriousness and contribute style

Details of color in the lapels and pockets, geometric and floral prints, colors that break with canons, pants that tighten at the ankle … The boyfriend of 2017 is daring at first.

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Electric Cars For Kids

Electric big boy toys cars are becoming a very popular toy compared to traditional cars for the little ones in the house. However, several things should be considered about electric cars before making a purchase of a vehicle of these characteristics.

It is important to understand that there is more than one type of electric toy big car for children and that there are several differences between electric and traditional. Buyers should understand the options for charging their electric cars, the limitations that come with an electric car, and how to keep the vehicle in good shape to decide if an electric car is the right purchase for the child.

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Sports Glasses For Basketball

In a contact sport such as basketball and where accuracy is so important, wearing good basketball goggles with the right graduation and holding. You can enjoy your sports using this.

Sports Glasses for Basketball

Basketball is a team sport and contact. The clashes between the players are continuous and constant; Injuries are frequent and usually affect the upper extremities. Those who practice basketball at a professional level know that, as a result of the changes introduced in the regulations in recent years (which have allowed to decriminalize some types of fouls), basketball is today a much more contact sport than it was in the past.

Actions such as throwing the ball, throwing and throwing baskets carry a risk of injury, mild in the vast majority of cases, although at times can lead to periods of inactivity in the medium and long term.

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Casio Baby-G Watches

The casio baby gshock watches are designed to accompany you everywhere, especially your most extreme adventures and action. Its striking colors and details adapted to the latest trends are designed for the most urban women.

Also, their quality, technology and materials make baby-g the center of all eyes. It is a collection that has been successful for more than 20 years. In spite of being a robust watch, it does not take away anything of elegance and freshness to the clocks.

The functions we can find in casio baby g shock watches for women are: thermometer, tide indicator, universal time, timers, daily alarm, needle movement function, button sound, Dual Time Display, calendar …

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Tips For Applying A Perfect Ofra Cosmetics Founation

To get a natural and perfect makeup, the first step is to correctly apply your ofra cosmetics uk foundation . There are numerous bases of makeup : fluid, creamy, compact, powder … although their application may be different, they should all melt with your skin and leave a uniform tone on the face.

Here are some makeup tips that you should keep in mind, both to choose your makeup base, and to apply it.


To choose your makeup foundation , first of all you must take into account the hue of your skin : cold, warm or neutral. When you know what it is, look at the nomenclatures that use all makeup brands to differentiate them.

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A Galician truck with tipper, the toy to which every Cuban child aspired

For these days, a three decades ago, the stores of the towns of Cuba were filled with toys. In its eagerness to change all things of place, the revolution had removed Kings’ Day for July, so that it coincided with the celebration of its most important dates.

Following the precepts of egalitarianism, each child corresponded to three toys: basic, not basic and directed. In 75 or 76 (we were in 3rd or 4th grade), I finally reached a Galician truck. I spent two hours looking at him, doing nothing with him.

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