Why You Should Start the Investment-Success Newsletter Now?

I have to give you the most obvious answer first:  So you can get in. There are hundreds if not thousands of investment programs, courses, seminars and newsletters. You have seen them on TV in fact there are whole TV channels dedicated to investment information and programs.

 These will not help you invest.  They will only confuse you or, at best, entertain you.  There are some very entertaining investment TV programs, but they are only entertainment and sales programs. Here’s what you have to do.  

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Become a Subscriber to the Investment-Success Newsletter

I’m going to give you an opportunity to become a subscriber after I answer each of the questions.  You don’t have to wait until the end – Just make sure you get in!  You can always see these questions and answers here or on your Subscriber – Member Website.

We will send you a cash Welcome Bonus of $30 with your mailed Investment Success Newsletters.  This is a No-Risk opportunity that will make you seriously financially successful. You will also receive the four free special reports that are worth more than your subscription cost.  

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How To Subscribe Our Retirement Saving Method

We will send you a Cash Welcome Bonus of $30 after you subscribe: You will receive a $30 Cash Welcome Bonus in your mailed Investment-Success Newsletters.  We will include $10 cash in the first three mailed Newsletters.

 We are sure that these will be a value to you and will help you achieve Solid, Secure, Proven returns, gains and income. You will have High Returns and Income with Ultimate Protection Immediately that Will Keep On Coming.

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Daily Email and On-line Newsletter Plus By Mail Newsletters and Special Reports Giving You Everything You Need

The CATS systems are very sophisticated and are connected to the investment markets.  We have investment professionals that operate the systems and provide the daily trading directions to the editorial staff of the Investment-Success Newsletter. This is the first time this type of superior, sophisticated trading system has been made available to public investors.

That being said, there are and will be many professional investors and investment companies using the CATS trading system.  The professionals will receive the CATS trading directions at exactly the same time as the Investment-Success subscribers.  We don’t know of any other superior trading system that will give you the same advantages to make unusually high and consistent gains and income.

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Reasons Why You should choose us

i) Daily Trade Instructions Giving You Plenty of Time for You to Act:

The Specific CATS trading directions will be sent to you every evening after that markets close.  You will have sufficient time in the evening or the next morning prior to the market opens to place the specific trades.  This entire daily investment process will take you less than 10 minutes.

You do not need training, special equipment, superior expertise or investment experience.  All investment trades can be completed quickly and easily over your internet connection in your own online investment account. Here’s Something that is so Great I can hardly believe it – But it is True!

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Proven High – Consistent Returns And Income For 23 Years For Financial Security

In 1990 I started an investment management company that continued to grow and eventually involved over 100 offices throughout America.  It had grown to include a national brokerage company, two investment management companies, a trust company and several other associated companies.

 The investment and computer professionals worked for years developing and perfecting a computerized analytical trading system.  We called this huge analytical computer system CATS (Computerized Analytical Trading System) for short. We managed our money and the money of our clients using the CATS system for over two decades.  

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Retirement Income – Retirement-Income

If you rely on your investments or savings for your Financial Future or Retirement Income You’re going to be Shocked by this Secret-Way the Rich make millions! From: Dr. Patrick Pierce Chief Investment Officer, Net Worth Investment Research Company Click the Instant Access button and get started immediately with Higher Returns and Income.

There is a “Secret-Way” used by professional investors and the very rich… a secret that the public never learns on their own and can’t get… and the professionals and rich like it that way. This “Secret-Way” is incredibly simple to use (once it is made available to you)… and yet it INSTANTLY allows you (no matter how little you know about investing right now) to “lock in” your own personal “Constant Stream of High Returns and Income”.

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