Special Recopilatorio: Adidas Shoes With Boost

The Boost , developed by adidas taekwondo shoes in collaboration with BASF, is the new cushioning material that has revolutionized the running shoe market because of its many advantages over the classic EVA.

Basically and in summary, Boost’s “capsulitas” have elasticity, breakage resistance and bestial energy return . If we put such a compound in running shoes , which are always receiving impacts, this means that we have small springs that, when they are compressed (when they are chafan in the step) store energy that, once without pressure (when we lift the foot ) Release her, making a career much more fluid. Boost’s energy return is 55%, well below 37% of most EVAs that use the rest of the shoes.

In addition, the Boost resists extreme temperatures very well, it is very soft and has been shown to have a resistance above average to wear by the continued use, so the touch of a shoe with Boost will be very similar when we release it When it is ending its useful life at 500, 800 or 1000 kilometers. Is there any better compound to cushion our strides?

Adidas Ultra Boost

In January of last year adidas launched its star model, the Ultra Boost . The announcement left only critics for its controversial slogan: ” The best sneakers in the world “, an assertion that, as we have said a thousand times, is difficult to defend because there is a shoe that will fit all types of runners.

Even so, after all that it rained, the shoes turned out to be very good. With 100% Boost in the midsole , the Ultra Boost were very comfortable, a delight in the transition and perfect as a training shoe for slow days but with the possibility of giving them cane also in the days of series.

The big mistake of the mark was in the sole. It slipped a lot and on rainy days more than one had a fright. This has been fixed in the new version just released, incorporating Continental soles to prevent falls and increase the durability of the shoe.

  • Adidas Ultra Boost for Men
  • Adidas Ultra Boost for women

 Adidas Ultra Boost ST

The new top-of-the-range model, the Ultra Boost ST, has just been spotted . In essence, it is like the Ultra Boost, but for pronator runners that need correction in the tread .

It is a shoe with a lot of stability , without sacrificing the cushioning that the original model has. In addition, also includes Continental sole to solve the problem of grip and durability that we were discussing.

It is the perfect choice for runners with light or medium pronation of up to 95 kilos who seek the maximum performance in a shoe, high material quality and comfort.

  • Adidas Ultra Boost ST for men
  • Adidas Ultra Boost ST for women

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