Sports Glasses For Basketball

In a contact sport such as basketball and where accuracy is so important, wearing good basketball goggles with the right graduation and holding. You can enjoy your sports using this.

Sports Glasses for Basketball

Basketball is a team sport and contact. The clashes between the players are continuous and constant; Injuries are frequent and usually affect the upper extremities. Those who practice basketball at a professional level know that, as a result of the changes introduced in the regulations in recent years (which have allowed to decriminalize some types of fouls), basketball is today a much more contact sport than it was in the past.

Actions such as throwing the ball, throwing and throwing baskets carry a risk of injury, mild in the vast majority of cases, although at times can lead to periods of inactivity in the medium and long term.

Eye lesions

The most dangerous health-related injuries are injuries to the eye and eye socket. Erroneously, it was considered common sense that, due to the dimensions of the basketball (about 23 or 24 centimeters in diameter), this would not entail any danger to the eyes, unlike other sports in which small balls , With a diameter of less than 10 centimeters, for example basketball or paddle. This belief has turned out to be false, since statistics show that the vast majority of eye injuries are caused by impact of the ball. Another factor that influences is physical contact with other players, such as elbows during jumps or bad sports practices.

The use of sports glasses reduces the likelihood of eye injury

The use of sports goggles for basketball almost totally reduces this type of incidences, and is of prescriptive use in case of previous injuries or injuries to favor the correct recovery of the player without having long seasons off the court. These goggles usually cover the entire eye socket for better protection, have a ventilation aperture that prevents fogging and have a resilient restraining band, from side to side, to fit perfectly to the player’s head.

Graduated sports glasses for the basketball player

On the other hand, players who need optical correction can use a wide range of graduated prescription basketball goggles , with polycarbonate lenses that guarantee their strength and resistance in case of fall or impact.

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