The Accuracy Of Accu Chek Fastclix Lancets

For more than 45 years, one of the main advances in the treatment of diabetes: the capillary glucose meter. This small device has allowed generations of people with diabetes to be able to measure blood glucose anywhere, facilitating better control of the pathology and gaining in quality of life.

With the introduction of accu chek fastclix lancets, another revolutionary concept has appeared, self-control ; That is, equip the person with diabetes with knowledge, skills, attitudes and lifestyles that allow optimal metabolic control according to their needs, resources and capabilities. To do this, both diabetic education and a tool, the glucometer, precisely measure glucose levels, so that patients and professionals can make correct decisions.

Without proper control of diabetes, we may face hypoglycemia (very low glucose values) or hyperglycemia (very high blood glucose values), which can lead to consequences as serious as a coma or ketoacidosis.

Correct measurement is therefore paramount for the person with diabetes. There are a number of reasons why an erroneous measurement can be obtained; Interference with drugs, poor retention of the test strips or improper use of the meter. But it is also important to keep in mind that the accuracy and precision of our glucose meter may vary from model to model.

For this reason, the glucose meter or glucometer must be, above all, accurate, offering at all times a result to rely on. Due to the consequences that inaccuracy of a glucometer may have, several patient and professional associations have been demanding stricter legislation in this regard for years.

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