The art in the use of the hair dryer

Although we have previously discussed the importance of the pre-styling process we needed to go into detail in what is probably the most powerful And at the same time less valued in the process of combing, the Philips Hairdryer.

You can have the best products, test all the fixers that exist in the market, as well as use industrial quantities of lacquer and volumizers, and we can assure you that you will not get the effect you are looking for until you master the technique with the dryer.

Each hair behaves differently, from thick hair that tends to be pointed, thin with difficulty in gaining volume, others impossible to master to get a look style of magazine seemingly simple … and the list could go on and on.

Every day we see how this difficulty inherent in hair tends to be solved with fixatives and ointments in unnecessary quantities, do not misunderstand, the ointment, paste or wax you use is key to the final result, but its aim is to fix the style, To texture, separate or unite … not to try to tame the indomitable since the only thing you would get is to have to use more and more quantity of product and in many cases the result would not be the one sought.

And this is where the dryer comes into play, because with the correct use you will get the Philips Hairdryer to the position you need to simply finish with the application of some of your favorite fixative.

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