Tips For Applying A Perfect Ofra Cosmetics Founation

To get a natural and perfect makeup, the first step is to correctly apply your ofra cosmetics uk foundation . There are numerous bases of makeup : fluid, creamy, compact, powder … although their application may be different, they should all melt with your skin and leave a uniform tone on the face.

Here are some makeup tips that you should keep in mind, both to choose your makeup base, and to apply it.


To choose your makeup foundation , first of all you must take into account the hue of your skin : cold, warm or neutral. When you know what it is, look at the nomenclatures that use all makeup brands to differentiate them.

Second, know the type of skin you have: grease, dry or mixed. When you go to buy a base, look at its description or ask a professional makeup artist to advise you which background would suit your skin type.

Thirdly, do not choose a foundation of makeup with a tone superior to that of your skin. Try that the makeup base completely melts with your skin and can be totally non-existent to the eyes. And if you want your skin to look more tan, opt for tanning powders and blush your cheeks with the rouge.

Apply the makeup foundation with a brush

Having a good set of ofra cosmetics uk makup brushes , greatly improves the result of your makeup. So do not hesitate to apply your base with any of these brushes or sponges:

Brush makeup 03 : serves to spread fluid bases quickly and accurately. It can be a synthetic hair brush or badgerlon teijin fiber.

Round brush 04 : ideal for fluid backgrounds . Her hair is mixed: it is a natural blend of pony hair and toray fiber optics.

Broncha funds 31 : suitable to apply the base of makeup in areas of the face. It is also used to extend pre-make-up products such as face creams or concealers .

After all steps finally apply the ofra cosmetics highlighter. Highlight well.

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