What is the CATS Analytical System?

Our trading system is the “Computerized Advanced Trading System” or CATS for short. This trading system CATS is one of the most successful and proven sophisticated analytical trading programs today.  This is the only sophisticated computerized analytical trading program available to the public at an affordable and realistic cost. We have adopted a logo of a Cat with which you will become familiar.  

It will let you know that what you are receiving is from Investment-Success and not some unauthorized source. The system has been developed and has been used professionally very successfully for the last 23 years.  We have technical analysts and technicians continuing to work and keep the CATS systems up to date with any market or economic changes.  

We look forward to the CATS systems working to provide us with excellent returns for many, many more years. There are Two Different CATS Trading Systems and You Can Use Both of Them.  The first is the Protective CATS system.  This is for the more conservative person who wants fewer trading directions.  The Protective CATS system will have much fewer trading directions.  The Protective CATS system has done substantially better than the over markets.  The Protective CATS returns have been consistent and dependable. The second is the Maximum CATS system.  This has had returns that have been higher than the Protective CATS system.  It also has more than twice as many trade directions.  

The Maximum CATS system gets in and out of the market quickly and with some frequency.  If you want to follow the Maximum CATS system make sure you are able to get your Daily CATS Report and make any directed trades prior to the marketing opening each market day. One of your first decisions will be which CATS system you want to follow.  You can look at the past returns for each of the CATS systems in the tab above “Cats Explained.”  You can change which one you are following any time you want.  Both of the CATS systems have had high returns and income and both are cover by the 100% Reimbursement Plan.

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