Why You Should Start the Investment-Success Newsletter Now?

I have to give you the most obvious answer first:  So you can get in. There are hundreds if not thousands of investment programs, courses, seminars and newsletters. You have seen them on TV in fact there are whole TV channels dedicated to investment information and programs.

 These will not help you invest.  They will only confuse you or, at best, entertain you.  There are some very entertaining investment TV programs, but they are only entertainment and sales programs. Here’s what you have to do.  

Stop getting and watching these programs, seminars, courses and newsletters as much as you can.  These have not worked to give people high, consistent returns in the past and they won’t work in the future. There are sophisticated investment trading programs available to professionals and investment companies.

These systems cost thousands to start and thousands every year to maintain.  These professional investment trading systems are used by most of the large investment companies and account for a significant percent of all trades.  The CATS trading system is one of those professional quality computerized analytical trading systems.  It is now being offered on a limited bases to the general public through a subscription to the Investment Success Newsletter.

Investment-Success is the only proven computerized analytical investment trading system available to the public.  It is extremely affordable to those people who subscribe while it is still available.  The cost is only $29.95 a month and there is no up-front initiation fee at this time. You will setup your own online trading account through one of the quality online brokerage companies.  You will not turn over you money to anyone else and you will always be in complete control.  You will be able to keep all your gains and will not pay extra commissions or management fees.

All the gains and income will be yours to keep. Here’s a List of why you should start now.  It could be longer but you get the idea. You can’t get this help, information or protection anywhere else.  Unfortunately, it will only be available to a limited number of people.  In fact, I have been assured that less than one-tenth of one percent (less than .001) of individual investors will be allowed to join as subscribers. This is the Only professional computerized analytical investment system available to public and has over 23 years of proven results for Financial Security. Extremely reasonable cost of only $29.95 a month – Other Professional sophisticated investment systems cost users thousands to start and thousands more every year.

Easy to follow and use – It takes less than 10 minutes per trading day. You don’t pay commissions to a broker for every trade. You don’t pay an investment advisory or management fee of 1% to 3% of your portfolio. You are in complete control of your investment gains and knowledge. You don’t turn over your money to anyone else. You become knowledgeable about investments and markets. We will send you $30 to say Welcome with your first three Mailed Newsletters. Become a Subscriber to the Investment-Success Newsletter: I’m going to give you an opportunity to become a subscriber after I answer each of the questions.  You don’t have to wait until the end – Just make sure you get in!  You can always see these questions and answers here or on your Subscriber – Member Website.

We will send you a cash Welcome Bonus of $30 with your mailed Investment Success Newsletters.  This is a No-Risk opportunity that will make you seriously financially successful. You will also receive the four free special reports that are worth more than your subscription cost.  I look forward to hearing about your solid, higher and consistent returns and income. Click the Instant Access button to get started immediately making higher returns and income.  Make sure you are one of the subscribers that will be allowed to subscribe.

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